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One way to reduce the cost of wine packaging
文章作者:admin 时间:2016-12-13 03-47-52

According to relevant statistics, the breakage rate of fragile and vulnerable goods in cross-domain transportation of product sales is as high as 1%-4%.

If it is red wine, you must know that if the profit of a bottle of red wine is not very high, the damage rate will be about 4%, and it will start to bring profits to the company. If the consequences of this long-term progress are: First, the customer will greatly reduce the trust of the transportation company, and second, the company loses money to lose customers, it can be said that it is a loss of the wife and the soldiers. Similarly, there are similar problems in electronic component products, glass products and consumable products, which bring a large and small burden to the company.

When this problem occurs, many people consider the product packaging problem for the first time. Indeed, after calculating the normal profit amount, it is necessary to strengthen the product's safety packaging problem for the sake of itself and the customer, especially in the product packaging. Here I choose to use air column bags, the design of the air column vacuum can help the product to minimize the damage rate.

Anyone who knows the gas column bag knows that the protection performance of the air column bag and the advantages and disadvantages of the packaging, as a new generation of air cushion packaging, superior performance and low cost, is the best packaging choice for enterprises in transportation. It is also the most suitable safety package for e-commerce trends!

In order to expand the scale, the enterprise can rely on customers. For example, the fragile products such as red wine, if the packaging is done well, the damage rate is very low or even 0%, then the customer will have a good transportation company after receiving the goods. The impression will be more and more repeat customers. If you don't see this, just want to compress your own costs to get a short-term profit, if you don't, it will be worth the loss as the article begins.

The unit cost of the air column bag is high, but it is a low-cost package in the overall cost, mainly in transportation, storage and recycling!