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Wrong method and correct method of inflating the air bag
文章作者:admin 时间:2016-12-13 03-48-29

Wrong method and correct method of inflating the air bag

Many customers are also purchasing the air column bag for the first time as a shock-proof cushioning package. During the use process, the inflation air pressure is too large (some customers even use the pressure of the private car tires to inflate the air column bag), and the inflation time is too long. The inflation is too high, there are one or two air columns and even several air columns do not have synchronous air intake. Here, the smile packaging introduces the correct inflation method of the air column bag:

1. The air pressure over the atmospheric column bag is easy to explode. Please adjust the air bag inflation pressure correctly.

Many customers use air compressors to inflate the air bag, which is very efficient. However, it should be noted that the pressure of the air compressor must be controlled to 0.06 to 0.08 MPa (MPA) required by the air bag industry standard. between.

Smile nano packaging can give a data for reference: general air compressor, if you do not adjust the air pressure through the pressure reducing valve, the default output air pressure can reach 0.2~0.3MPA, which is quite large air pressure, and the private car tire pressure is also generally Only 0.24MPA~0.28MPA (megapascal), such a large pressure is even more expensive for car tire inflation.

2, too long to inflate, inflated for too long, too high and easy to explode; please fill but not up just fine.

In the same way, the air bag is inflated, and it works best when it is full but not rising. At this time, the air has a certain room for manoeuvre in the air column bag, and the air column bag has good elasticity and good protection effect, and is not easy to explode.

Therefore, the air bag is not filled with more air as much as possible.

3. If one or two or even several columns of air column do not have synchronized air intake, please gently slam the valve film for one or two seconds.

Inflating the air column bag, there is a situation where one or two air columns or even multiple air columns do not have synchronous air intake. At this time, it is only necessary to use a finger to lightly press the printing portion of the air valve film (stop valve) for one or two seconds to enter the air. ,very simple.

Often because the air pressure is too large, it is more likely that other air columns are already full, but there are still one or two air columns that do not have synchronized air intake. Therefore, in addition to using a finger to lightly smear the valve film for a second or two, check it. Is the air pressure correct?