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What problems can the buffer bubble bag solve for e-commerce?[2019-02-21]
The rise of e-commerce has not been a thing of the past few years, but the success of e-commerce has undoubtedly attracted many businessmen to join the industry. If you are one of them, then the artic
The principle and classification of inflatable bags[2018-11-30]
Inflatable bags are new packaging materials filled with natural air in the 21st century.1, air column inflatable bag, also known as air column bag, column inflatable bag, etc. as shown below:Widely us
Buffer packaging new member - cucurbit film[2018-11-29]
    The cucurbit film is also called air cushion film, bubble film and the like. The shape is similar to the bubble bag that we usually see, but the reason why the gourd film is ca
The appearance of a filled bag[2018-11-07]
With the increasing volume of transportation, how can we effectively prevent the goods from being disturbed and damaged by external forces during transportation?It becomes very important. The emergenc
Inflatable packaging application[2018-10-30]
Inflatable bags, also known as inflatable bags, are new packaging systems filled with natural air in the 21st century. Fully encapsulated air column cushioning to minimize product loss. Inflatable bag
Wrong method and correct method of inflating the air bag[2016-12-13]
Wrong method and correct method of inflating the air bagMany customers are also purchasing the air column bag for the first time as a shock-proof cushioning package. During the use process, the inflat
Which thickness of air pocket should we choose?[2016-12-13]
Customers who frequently use air column bags know that there are many thicknesses of air column bags, mainly 50μm, 60μm, 65μm, 70μm, etc., and the price of air column bags of different thickness i
One way to reduce the cost of wine packaging[2016-12-13]
According to relevant statistics, the breakage rate of fragile and vulnerable goods in cross-domain transportation of product sales is as high as 1%-4%.If it is red wine, you must know that if the pro
Shockproof packaging is important for the development of commodity economy[2016-12-13]
In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and express delivery industry, the packaging industry has also developed rapidly as a support for the e-commerce industry.Now is the era of gl
Corner air bag, moving strength assistant[2016-12-13]
With the continuous development of the air column bag industry, air column bags have been widely used and are welcomed by more and more people. Many people have heard about buffered air column bags. I
Reasons why traditional packaging such as pearl cotton is replaced by a gas cylinder bag[2016-12-13]
The air column bag is a new type of cushioning package. It has environmental protection and greatly saves the benefits of various costs. Through the development in recent years, the air column bag ind
Is the air column bag only needed by logistics companies?[2016-12-13]
The cushioned air bag is a new type of auxiliary transport material. Due to its excellent protection and low comprehensive cost, it is becoming the preferred packaging material for logistics companies
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