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The principle and classification of inflatable bags
文章作者:handler 时间:2018-11-30 11-07-06

Inflatable bags are new packaging materials filled with natural air in the 21st century.

1, air column inflatable bag, also known as air column bag, column inflatable bag, etc. as shown below:

Widely used, already known

The main applications are 1 electronic products (such as display screens, touch screens, etc.) 2 crafts (such as glass, pottery, etc.) 3 precision instruments (such as piano, medical equipment, etc.) 4 lighting equipment, furniture, etc.

        Principle: nine-layer co-extruded membrane, independent air column design, the inflatable nozzle is a special one-way check valve, which can automatically lock the air after inflation.

2, fill the inflatable bag, as shown:

It is mainly used for the filling of leather goods, handbags, bags, cartons and product packaging space, so that the luggage handbags are beautiful in appearance, low in cost, environmentally friendly, clean and non-deformable.

Principle: Nine-layer co-extruded film, single bag design, the inflatable nozzle is a special one-way check valve, which can also be automatically locked after inflation.

3, air pillow, also known as inflatable bag, filling bag as shown:

The air pillow is generally small in size, mainly used for gap filling in the process of e-commerce logistics, anti-seismic decompression, etc.

Principle: The nine-layer co-extruded film and virtual edge design are made by the principle of automatic sealing of the hot air after inflation by the automatic inflator.

It is mainly used for gap filling during container cargo transportation to prevent cargo from colliding or collapsing.

The principle of production is basically the same, but the principle of production is different from the inflation nozzle.

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