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What problems can the buffer bubble bag solve for e-commerce?
文章作者:handler 时间:2019-02-21 09-06-59

The rise of e-commerce has not been a thing of the past few years, but the success of e-commerce has undoubtedly attracted many businessmen to join the industry. If you are one of them, then the article you are looking at may help you go further in this industry.

       How to say? As we all know, the success of e-commerce is mainly convenience, and secondly, the protection of consumers' rights and interests. Although we can only see the goods, we can't touch them. At the beginning of the year, many people are worried about this quality problem. . . wait wait wait. However, these can not hinder the rapid development of e-commerce, it can be said that the major platforms are convenient or better to protect consumer rights. But can the business be able to sit back and relax? Experienced merchants will find that logistics express delivery is also a place for maintenance customers to specialize.

         The advantage of e-commerce is that it can be used as a national market from now on, and the consumer group is undoubtedly very advantageous. However, many people say that it is difficult to do it. Today, I share with you the main problem of how to solve the problem of logistics damage and product protection. I hope to help everyone. Many people are aware of this one, so how should we choose to protect the packaging? Inflatable cushioning is a popular choice. Its main advantages are: light, flexible, good cushioning effect, waterproof, pressure resistant, and easy to pack.

       It is recommended to use air column bags for electronic products and fragile products. The load capacity is 180kg, which is resistant to falling and crushing and is properly protected. Food, lightweight product gap filling is recommended to use an inflatable bag (air pillow), small box packaging using 1-2 enough. Cosmetics and small items are recommended to use the cucurbit film bag, which is beautiful and easy to assemble and disassemble. Want to know more about buffer packaging solutions, please contact us!