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Buffer packaging new member - cucurbit film
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The cucurbit film is also called air cushion film, bubble film and the like. The shape is similar to the bubble bag that we usually see, but the reason why the gourd film is called gourd is because a bubble is connected in the middle. The general bubble bag is separate, but the gourd film is much better than the bubble bag. It can also be much bigger.

       Its material is HDPE, PE, LDPE, PO+PE, etc. The properties of the hoist film made by different materials are different, the price is high, the wear resistance, the toughness and the crushing strength will be better, according to their respective Different needs to choose the right cucurbit film.

       The principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent the product from colliding, to ensure the protection of the product when it is shaken, and also to have thermal insulation.

Most of the unsold coils are sold on the market and need to be inflated by themselves. Inflatable tools mainly have professional matching inflators.

         The new cucurbit film is popular among e-commerce companies and has become the darling of the new generation, mainly because it has the following advantages:

1. Clean and environmentally friendly: make your products cleaner and beautiful

2. It is convenient and quick to use: the professional inflator can be automatically inflated, and the inflatable side is sealed, which can be continuously inflated without human hand.

3. Size specifications, colors, logos can be customized

4. Packing efficiency is higher: virtual edge design, can be torn by hand, no need to cut

5. Unfilled coils at the time of purchase, saving storage space

6. The quality is very light and the shipping cost is saved during transportation.