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Corner air bag, moving strength assistant
文章作者:admin 时间:2016-12-13 03-47-31

With the continuous development of the air column bag industry, air column bags have been widely used and are welcomed by more and more people. Many people have heard about buffered air column bags. It is also known that it is often used in electronic products, ceramic products, precision instruments, and other products that require packaging and buffering. However, the application of the air bag is very extensive, and it can be used in almost all industries that need cushion packaging, such as the corner air bag shown above.

The corner air bag is more suitable for packing cushions of articles with corners or right angles, such as picture frames, and small and medium-sized furniture. These goods are generally more expensive or afraid of scratching the paint, and the corner pockets are fitted with air pockets at the four corners of these goods, which are used to reduce the maximum area of the goods when moving these goods to the ground or other Contact of items to reduce the degree of wear and tear on the goods.

Due to the characteristics of the corner pockets, more and more customers who need to move or transport some more expensive goods have chosen to protect their products.

In fact, there are so many places where the air column bag can be used, because the air column bag can be customized according to different products, and you can't think of it in the packaging buffer field.