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Shockproof packaging is important for the development of commodity economy
文章作者:admin 时间:2016-12-13 03-47-41

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and express delivery industry, the packaging industry has also developed rapidly as a support for the e-commerce industry.

Now is the era of global economic integration. The sale of a commodity has already achieved cross-regional trade, and these goods need to be transported by various means such as automobile and airplane to achieve the goal. Because of the emergence of cross-regional trade, many commodities have been lost in the middle of various circulation processes without actually achieving the purpose of sales. This huge loss has also caused an increase in the cost of many enterprises, which has led to the emergence of shockproof packaging. The shockproof packaging is mainly positioned to protect the safety of goods in circulation, for example, handling, transportation, storage, etc.

In the past, complaints such as damage and damage of goods were the key factors hindering the development of the express delivery industry. According to the inflatable bag manufacturers, the courier cannot guarantee safe storage after receiving the goods. Generally, the couriers are directly placing the parcels and then placing them freely. Classification, and in this process, few couriers will consider the nature of the products in the package, which also causes the high rate of courier damage. In this case, shock-proof packaging is needed to reduce the rate of courier damage and reduce the cost of goods. The rate is thus revealed in the shockproof packaging.

Shockproof packaging is the most important auxiliary in the development of commodity economy, and it is also the most powerful assistant to the global integrated economy. From traditional waste paper and fabric to foam, pearl cotton to the latest cushioned airbags and air column bags. The development of cushioning packaging materials is also a comparison of commodity economic development.