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Reasons why traditional packaging such as pearl cotton is replaced by a gas cylinder bag
文章作者:admin 时间:2016-12-13 03-47-19

The air column bag is a new type of cushioning package. It has environmental protection and greatly saves the benefits of various costs. Through the development in recent years, the air column bag industry has become very popular. Traditional cushioning packaging, such as styrofoam and pearl cotton, is gradually replaced by air column bags because of its buffering effect and its tendency to be degraded and easily cause environmental pollution.

Of course, the air column bag can be used instead of pearl cotton. The reasons for the styrofoam include the following:

1) Comply with the needs of international environmental development trends

Driven by the wave of green consumption, more and more consumers are inclined to buy green products that are harmless to the environment. Products that use green packaging and have green signs are more likely to be accepted by foreign investors in foreign trade.

2) Green packaging can reduce environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance

If a large amount of non-degradable materials are used in packaging, permanent garbage will be formed. If wood is used in large quantities, the ecological balance will be destroyed. Therefore, green packaging is used to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance.

3) The only way to promote the sustainable development of the packaging industry

Sustainable development requires the development of the economy to adopt an intensive mode of “less investment, more output”. The green packaging of inflatable bags can promote the coordinated development of resource utilization and environment.

4) Guarantee the security of parcels in modern logistics packaging

The inflatable bag has a very good cushioning effect. Even if the package encounters a large impact force during loading and unloading and transportation, it also protects the contents of the package and ensures the safety of the package of the modern logistics package.